AL-ARM - Flexible and quick to use!

Our laser welding system AL-ARM has been developed for mobile and flexible repair welding for manual rework in car body construction. With this laser system, pores, voids and offset seams can be repaired quickly and flexibly. The system is completed by a 3D visualization with which one can perceive the environment and the welding task at the same time.

What about some extra power?

The AL 500 is the powerhouse among our mobile laser welding systems.
With its 500 watts of laser power, guaranteed on the work piece, the AL 500 is the most powerful laser in our AL series. This high performance laser makes it possible to use very large welding wire diameters. Therefore, the AL 500 allows you to weld extremely fast and effectively.

Weld wherever YOU want...

Perform your welding works either at your customer site or in your own workshop, on extremely heavy molds or on complex work piece shapes. A mobile lasers welding system should not only be mobile, but also very flexible. The flexibility of our laser systems is ensured by a maximum pivoting range, special objectives for the different welding tasks, very short set-up times and an ergonomic operation.