Laser Welding

There are practically no limits for the possible applications of laser welding. Accordingly, the number of areas in where laser welding systems are used has increased rapidly in the past two decades.

ALPHA LASER develops and manufactures welding equipment for industry and trade. Our laser systems help improving production quality and process reliability considerably. Our objective is to make welding more and more accurate and faster.

The good controllability of laser energy even allows welding of materials with high melting points or high conductivity.

Advantages over usual welding techniques are:

  • Punctual energy input, exactly localized, even in very fine structures
  • Very little or no work piece deformation
  • High mechanical strength of welded seams
  • Slim and flat welding seams, with an oxide-free surface
  • Contactless welding, without effects of mechanical force on the work piece
  • Excellent process control, ensuring a consistent manufacturing quality

Laser Hardening

Laser hardening is particularly used to harden surfaces and peripheral layers.

During the laser hardening process, the flexible arm of the robot guides the laser beam with its adjustable focal spot over the surfaces to be hardened. During the process, the integrated temperature control ensures a uniform heat input in the beam geometry.

The surface to be hardened is heated very quickly by the focused laser beam to the required transformation temperature and then quenched by the cold volume of the material. Thanks to the very rapid heat input and the almost simultaneous self-quenching, material distortion is minimized significantly. Therefore, depending on the geometry of the work piece, one can speak of laser hardening as a very low-distortion or even a distortion-free heat treatment.