Mobile Welding

In 2003, ALPHA LASER introduced the world’s first mobile laser device ALM.
Until today, the ALM – as well as the ALFlak, which was also developed by us – is the most compelling mobile laser welding systems on the market.

Mobile welding opens up countless new applications, because this laser can be used anywhere:
You can simply carry out repairs and material application on large and heavy parts directly at the customer site, for example to repair big machinery wear parts, molds and tools. Also, large injection molding machines can be repaired directly on the spot with very low positioning effort or complete mold halves can be processed as part of regular maintenance works.

Therefore, welding with our mobile laser systems is very efficient compared with the conventional welding process, which is not only costly, but also very time consuming due to the required transport of the machine parts to the welding device.

With our mobile laser ALFlak, we have considerably expanded the mobile capabilities of welding furthermore: This flexible high end laser is ideal for programmable deposit welding and contour welding on large surfaces, e.g. large machine or design components, injection molding or forming tools.

The ALFlak has up to 300 watts laser power, and besides its programmability for automatic welding it offers high comfort due to the automatic wire feed and the unique “User Coordinate Control”, which eases welding on complex pieces with inclined planes considerably.