Sensor Manufacture

ALPHA LASER offers a variety of laser systems for sensor production.

The designs of sensors are as different as their tasks.

In sensor production, delicate but gas tight and mechanically stable welding joints with hardly visible seams are needed. Filigree force transducers, pressure sensors and load cells must be welded, coats of insulated cables must be removed and pipes must be cut. No problem with the ALPHA LASER welding and cutting systems.

With our laser systems, in semi-automated or manual processes you can expose conductors, cut or weld tubes, weld lids and bottoms of sensors, perform very fine weldings on sensor tubes or sheathed cables. You can even perform all these sensor production steps with just a single multi-functional laser system.


Filigree Connections in thermocouples

To perform micro weldings on very thin thermocouples in casing pipes (0.15 to 15 mm), ALPHA LASER has designed a laser system with special objectives and optimized gas coverage.