Technical Support

    Our service team - reinforced by qualified partners worldwide - offers you advice and assis-tance. SUPPORT is written in capitals, because we want you to be satisfied. We usually have all spare parts and consumables in stock, so that a fast exchange is guaranteed. By the way: You will get spare parts even for the first ALPHA laser device. Our aim is to provide you with competent, flexible response to your concerns and make sure that you can work successfully and profitably with our laser systems.

  • Welding training


    For all our trainings, you will receive training materials and a certificate.

    The Basics of Laser Welding 

    In this training, we will introduce you to laser welding. Before you begin the practical work, we inform you about the important issue of laser safety and give you practical and theoretical insights into the laser technology. You learn about materials science and the use of protective gas and filler material. You will also learn to find the appropriate laser parameters and adjust them.

    Once you have gained some experience with your laser system and you can deepen your knowledge and have your answered questions in our advanced trainings.

    Laser Welding for Advanced Users

    In this training, we concentrate specifically on your application. We talk about material sci-ence, discuss welding defects and work actively on your work pieces

    Of course, we are also available after the training with help and advice.


    Sample Weldings


    To demonstrate the efficiency and the range of our laser systems, we perform welding demonstrations on request, for example your own sample parts.

    The demonstrations will be held either in your neighborhood or in our show room in Puchheim.